We strongly advocate that First Nations need to fully comprehend the investment choices available to them in order that an optimal long-term investment plan can be crafted.

We have over 17 years of experience in providing investment education courses specifically designed to address the needs of First Nations, as well as reporting to Leadership, Trustees and Communities across Canada.

“BEST-IN-CLASS” Investment Management

First Nations deserve the finest investment management available. We do not subscribe to the common practice of First Nations hiring one or two Canadian firms to manage all classes of investment. Instead, in addition to the leading Canadian firms, we have travelled to Europe and the United States to make available the highest quality investment management teams. Simply expressed, we are only interested in working with investment firms in areas that they excel at, not what they are average (or below average) at.

We call this a “Best-In-Class” approach.


Create an Investment Policy that addresses your Long-Term Investment Goals

Hire “Best-In-Class” Investment Managers from around the world to manage your Community’s Funds

Ongoing Communication and Education

Ensure everything remains on track