An Aboriginal Owned Partnership
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Whether your funds are obtained through a Settlement, Impact Benefit Agreement or from some other source, these monies need to be managed in a way that best ensures that your Community’s financial goals are met.

We offer Indigenous groups the unique opportunity to join a partnership dedicated to assist you meet YOUR Community’s specific goals.

From our extensive experience with working with First Nations, and operating in the institutional investment industry, we simply do not believe that following what is currently on offer in the industry is sufficient. 

Instead our structure was created based on a philosophy that not only prioritizes the interests of First Nations always, and provides access to the very best available investment talent from around the world, but also encourages participants to become owners in our firm as limited partners.

The wealth of First Nations across the country is growing rapidly and this trend will continue. We believe that there are some very compelling advantages available when the collective power of different Communities across the country are combined. The partnership is designed with this foremost in mind.

For select Consultants, who share our philosophy, we would be pleased to discuss how we may compliment the services that you provide both your Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal clients.